Pray for the Roy Daniel Family


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  • Preaching

    Basic Ministry (South Africa):

    Roy Daniel is a young man who believes in bringing his few fish and loaves of bread to Jesus - Luke 9 : 16. He is a full time Missionary / Evangelist in the Africa Evangelistic Band based in South Africa. By God's grace Roy preaches and witnesses both on the streets, in churches , mission stations, schools, hospitals, prisons, orphanages, on radio stations etc. to tens of thousands of people each year. He also holds puppet shows at special schools and nursing homes. Pray for God to open doors and glorify Himself through the messages and distributed media. 


    International ( India, USA, England, Germany, Netherlands, Botswana, Namibia) :

    Roy has had the privillege of ministering in the foothills of the Hymalais in India. Once a year we travel to USA to visit family & share in various states. We thank God for every opportunity as we don't deserve them. Roy has also ministered in England, Germany, Netherlands, Botswana and Namibia. Roy is in the process of learning a 3rd and 4th language so as to broaden the platform for truth as God allows. Pray for God to open the right doors, empower the right messages and continue to provide flight costs which every year is a miracle. 


  • Christian Media Websites

    (Over 15000 free media files)



    Roy Daniel is Co Founder of www.audiosermon.net and www.preke.net  in Afrikaans with over 15000 free Christian Media files and by God's Grace these sites have been used of God in a wonderful way unto radical changing of people's lives through Jesus Christ. He also started witness sites such as www.uwitness.net and several others such as www.footbook.net etc. Pray for the upgrade of the site's servers, for the right material throughout all the sites to be prepared and provided, for volunteers, for equipement, material support and above all for Jesus to be glorified through these sites. 

  • Radio

    Roy as he travels high quality records various people in various languages for African based radio stations. He does this on a volunteer basis so that more good messages can get out to the public. He stores these many messages and Testimonies on a database and makes these available free of charge to many very eager radio stations. He is in the process of expanding this to other media formats ( example high quality video for internet and tv and the recording of Christian music and hymns). Pray for more people to help with the recording and editing and for God to work through the messages. Pray for God to continiously provide even better equipment for more projects. 


    Roy as he travels volunteers to record Video Testimonies of people saved through Jesus Christ and of these get broadcast in a non English african language on a TV station

  • Illustrations Newsletter

     ( over 21 000 church email adresses)

    God has allowed us to send out a Sermon Illustration Newsletter to a list that so far includes over 21000 churches and ministers . This is a ministry both to give tools to churches, but also influence them for truth as many ministers are unsaved or lacking in discernment. Pray for God to raise up prayer warriors and people to help us compile and translate good illustrations. Pray for us to know what material to add and for God to bless this all. Pray for financial needs as regards enlarging this project too. 


  • Books


    Books / Tracts :


    We have printed some drafts and are in the process of completing various books for publication. The first officially published book is called "Forgivessness - Overcome the past to be Christlike in the present" . We also have written and faciliateted various tracts including comic tracts that are very effective and have an unusual response. We are involved in the translation of the gospel to various languages as well as the translation of books by Roy and others. We will keep you up top date as to progress concerning that. Pray for the editing, publishing, translating, advertising and distribution of the tracts and books. 



    Roy Daniel provides tract material for Nathan Tracts in the USA

  • Music


    Music :

    We write lyrics (basic old hymn style) such as the songs "Precious Hands", "Glory oh Glory" , "Peter walked on water", " There is a love" and "I once was a drunkard" which Roy Daniel wrote by God's Grace. We do not play very well , but at forgiving conventions and churches in South Africa we play old hymns on panflute, violen, cello, guitar with mouth organ, cornet/ trombone, recorder etc Pray for God to give us songs from His heart unto His glory. 

Witness Videos

We create short Videos for online witness and freely record Testimonies / Sermons for Christian Television in a non English African lanuguage Click on Picture for facebook Video or watch Youtube version here