Roy Daniel is the son of international Christian speaker Keith Daniel. He grateful to God to be Born again with all glory to Jesus Christ alone. He lives as a full time Missionary/ Evangelist in South Africa. He has a lovely God given wife and 2 children with one more due in January 2016. His children are Glen Elias Daniel (3.5 years old) and Ruth Susana Daniel ( 1.5 years old). Roy and His family mostly work in an area of South Africa called Natal. Natal is home to approximately 10 million Zulu people (mostly spirit worshipping animists) and 7 hundred thousand Hindu background people. The area also has hundreds of thousands of Europeans who are mostly of English and German background. There are endless cults and sects in the area as well as well as secular atheists, agnostics and main stream traditional Christians. There are many wonderful Born Again children of God too. By God's grace Roy does street work, preaching in schools, prisons, old age homes and churches. He also writes books and holds camps and outreaches. His latest book is called FORGIVENESS - Overcome the past to be Christlike in the present. He lives on old camp ground in a small town without a gas station called Pennington.( The Camp ground is slowly being fixed as God allows.) and works from there ministering across Natal and also preaching in North America, Europe,India and other African countries. He is the co-founder of websites with 10's of thousands of free Christian media such as www.prayerclub.net, www.uwitness.net and the world's largest Afrikaans Christian Media site www.gebedsklub.net . He also sends out an illustration newsletters to more than 10 000 churches and works on a volunteer basis with many radio stations to bring them series of Bible based messages by various speakers including himself. These are recorded by equipment he brings with when travelling. He plays old hymns on various instruments ( including the panflute) with his wife in churches. They also write and publish comic and text tracts. There are many more projects not mentioned here. Please pray that God will mercifully work through the various doors Roy has kindly been given. Pray that Jesus alone will be glorified. If you want to know speciofic prayer requests, how to support God's work through this family or more info of the various projects Roy's family is involved in click on the applicable buttons above. Also consider following his blog and spreading applicable info on facebook etc


Dan 1:8  "But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself ..."


In his new book, ‘Forgiveness,’ Brother Roy Daniel very effectively illustrates biblical teaching on the subject of forgiveness by sharing his own personal life experiences. It’s my prayer that God will use this small volume to help believers everywhere, as Brother Daniel states: ‘…to obey God and go one step further than choosing to forgive….choose to “bless our enemies.”’

Dr Wesley L. Duewel, President Emeritus One Mission Society